Cali Karaoke is a software version of a MIDI Karaoke DVD player. It able to play all songs on the "California MIDI Karaoke" DVD or your own MIDI Karaoke song files on a computer.

The DVD contains 20,000 of songs in several languages:


Cali Karaoke offers to convert any computer into a karaoke system. The program won't win any awards for its design since it mimics the DVD player, but it functions as a very simple and fun way for anyone to select a song then sing within seconds. By using the keyboard as a DVD player's remote control, the program's interface is easy to operate. After a simple initial setup, anyone able to navigate the software with only a few keyboard commands. The music is clear. All karaoke files were recorded in real-time so they sound very realistic and not so mechanical. The lyrics scrolled across the screen and stayed with the music perfectly along with the photo slidshow background. The entire package flow well and is fun for anyone to sing or play a musical instrument along with.

  • Play 20,000 songs on a single DVD

  • Select song from on-screen or printout Song Lists

  • Queue songs to playback in order it was enter

  • Add songs to Favorite List

  • Background photo slideshow

  • Change playback volume

  • Change playback melody volume

  • Change playback key (pitch)

  • Change playback tempo (speed)

  • Play/Pause/Skip to next song in queue. Restart current song

  • Forward/Rewind 4 measures for practicing/learning a song

  • Change lyric colors

  • Print/Export Song Lists

  • Import your MIDI Karaoke files (new in version 1.5)

What you can do with Cali Karaoke

  • Thousand of songs to choose from

  • Have fun singing with backtrack music

  • Learn to sing

  • Practice and memory the song lyric

  • Play a musical instrutment along with the backtrack music

  • Host the party or singing session with your friends

  • Hook up to your sound system and blash